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Australia advice for New Year holidayvietnamheritagetravel03 months ago
Triptracker started to open endless pop-upskaan.adanali18 months ago
Uploaded photos to a trip not shown & can't be added to a entrymatej413 months ago
Truncated descripitons in "large map" modesIslander313 months ago
Bug in Unicode input - no Cyrillic charactersBrittany213 months ago
Shifting time crates problemsglobetandemistes129 months ago
Problem with embmap mapsgael134 months ago
url links in map viewmisfits337 months ago
Featured photos is showing all the photo'sonedutch248 months ago
When adding an URL it opens in the same window.onedutch049 months ago
GE export and Ground Clampy issues...clickykbd150 months ago
track import/associate bugs.clickykbd150 months ago
iPhoto Uploader does not work in iPhoto '08blackc2004251 months ago
Very unstable pics uploader [web]juresimsic454 months ago
Changing time on photos mess up trip entriespetter354 months ago
many bugsphilippe254 months ago
Set time on the selected photos freezes TripTrackermladen354 months ago
Calendar in Add trip entry does not openmladen254 months ago
Much operations on the pics make them dissapear (from the UI)juresimsic254 months ago
Maps don't work in Operaziga354 months ago
Map tracks are not shown in Firefox 1.0ziga254 months ago
Adding photos still messing up blog entriesChris D154 months ago
Existing Trips in Downloader unavaiableTetsujin28161 months ago
Google Earth track cannot be uploadedcseilern562 months ago
Adding photos is screwing up blog entriesozadventure162 months ago
GEORSSrsegoly269 months ago
Remembering Log InCanopus369 months ago
Set time zone on the selected photos action doesn't save changesmladen270 months ago
Coordinates in Google Earth and TripTrackers don't matchjuresimsic170 months ago
can not upload pics!!!telefan171 months ago